5 Ways We Know Cats Feel Love

5 Ways Cat Love

5 Ways We Know Cats Feel Love

Do cats feel the love? They sure do, and we can see it in the way they behave. Cats are masters at emotional manipulation – whether it be fear or contentment- but there’s no mistaking that soft rubbing against your leg as an affectionate act!

There are so many ways in which we can tell our feline friends care for and appreciate their human companions. Here’s just a few…

1. Cats are strong in form of attachment and Loyal

Cats may seem like they’re all snuggly and cuddly, but there’s one thing you should know about them: some cats are MORE loyal than others. Some will travel hundreds or thousands of miles just to find their human again if it means saving him/her from danger!

They’re always there for their human friends, even if it means curling up in bed with you or sitting on top of the refrigerator!

2. Cats are always there for you, even when times seem tough.

Cats are oftentimes the most comforting companions when we’re feeling down. Whether it’s by following us around, purring constantly in your ear, or just sitting next to you while watching TV – cats know-how make everything better! One study found that out of 256 cat owners surveyed almost 60% reported their kitty reacting positively as soon as they started talking about being depressed; many said this had happened before without them realizing it (presumably because a happier mood causes more profits). But what researchers really wanted to understand was why does my cat love me so much even though

Cats make great service animals at hospitals and senior centers. They just want our love, affection – they expect nothing in return!

3. Cats are just like us! They have the same “love hormones” that we do.

Cats are known for their love of snuggles and cuddles, but did you know that when they interact with each other or a human both parties can release the “love hormone” oxytocin? I know what you’re thinking, cats don’t have a heart or feelings. But scientists are finding that their hormones might be responsible for creating love in the feline kind!

Paul J Zak, a professor at Claremont Graduate University discovered this connection in his study of cats: “The release was strongest among those that had just met—their brains appeared most physiologically altered by an interaction,” he wrote for The Atlantic.

Scientists have found that felines are not the only ones who experience love. They believe it to be true for cats as well, but why? The hormone triggers intense feelings of this emotion in both species and creates an all-consuming passion where anything seems possible.

4. Cats are the best companions. 

They protect us when we’re in danger and keep away pests like mosquitoes or roaches!

They always looking out for us and they are ready for defending their owners from threats, big and small- they’ve taken the bite that was meant to hurt or kill them in order to protect those they love most: themselves! One kitty we know of fought off a poisonous snake by herself when her human wasn’t around; another helped save an entire family — not just himself but also his dog!

5. They give us unconditional love, playfulness and they never judge!

Cats are a lot like the human family we all know and love. They give us unconditional, loving attention – even when it’s not about food time! They’re always there for you with open ears to hear your every need no matter how big or small they may seem; which can be especially comforting during times of loneliness because being surrounded by people doesn’t make us feel any better after some alone time thinking too hard over something life-changing.

Cats are definitely capable of showing affection towards another living creature other than themselves too, we may never know what’s going on in their mind but they behave happier when they are content and comfortable.

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